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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The Seven Standards of Textuality Coherenceis a network of relations which organise and create a text.result of the interactionbetween:1-knowledge presented in the text.2-the reader's own knowledge.3-experience of the world. Reem AL-Ghamdi Intentionalityis user- centered.A text producer normallyseeks to achieve a purpose orgoal (e.g. persuasion,instruction, request,information, etc.)based on a given plan.Arwa AL-Dhabbah Acceptabilityconcerning the text receiversattitude that the set ofoccurrences should constitutea cohesive and coherent texthaving some use or relevancefor the receiver.Arwa AL-Dhabbah IntertextualityA text is related to other textsIntertextuality refers " to therelationship betweena given text and otherrelevant texts encounteredin prior experience.Nouf AL-Otaibi SituationalityA text is relevant toa particular social orpragmatic related to real timeand place. Nouf AL-Otaibi InformativityA text is informativeif it transfers newinformation,orinformation that wasunknown before. Nouf AL-Otaibi difference betweencohesion and coherence:cohesion is objective,capable in principle ofautomatic recognition. coherence is subjectiveand judgmentsconcerning it may varyfrom reader to reader.Noura AL-Shahrani Situationalitycontributes to theinformativity of the text.e.g. A book written in 1950 hasan informativity that was highappropriate then.Reem AL-Ghamdi Cohesion is the network of lexical,grammatical, and otherrelations that provide linksbetween various partof a text .a cohesivedevice is the interpretativelink between.e.g.My axe is blunt. I haveto get a sharper one.Noura AL-Shahrani Reem AL-GhamdiNouf AL-OtaibiNoura AL-ShahraniArwa AL-Dhabbah
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