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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The Roman Army and Battle Only men could join the Roman army. To become a soldier, they had to join the army between the age of 18-20 years old. They had to be fit enough to carry 25kg equipment and march 30km each month. The main part of the army is called legions. There are around 5000 men in the legion and they were under the commanders of the legion, the Legate. Each legion divided into 10 cohorts. Those cohorts were made up of 6 centuries which was also divided into pairs to form maniples between 80-100 men. The other soldiers who was not Roman citizen was called auxiliaries. They were the second-class soldiers whom paid less than the legion and not trained vigorously. Most of auxiliaries guard the front fort. Sometimes, they fought in the war. How was Roman army organised? What kinds of weapon were used in the battle?Roman soldiers used 2 metre long javelin(plium) when going to a battle. Plium consisted of iron shanks, heavy shaft and lastly the barbed tip in the end. The heavy shaft was long and sharp enough to attack through the enemy's shield. The Roman army usually carried two plium. Roman army also used shield to protect themselves against the enemy Caesar's civil war (49-45 BC) It is also known as Great Roman civil war. Pompey the great who was the rival of Julius Caesar they settled each other and Pompey lost he fled to Greece then to Egypt where he got assassinated .
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