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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Bangkok has 14 million people and this is a quarter of the country's total population.It's population was 6.355 million but is now 8.5 million and the country's Thailandin the 19th century began to grow despite being the capital since 1782. urban design is lacky throughout Bangkok and is creating problems in in rural areas and an emergent public sphere in Bangkok in order to reveal the gap between public space. Bangkok Mumbai is a megacity and has grown enormisely since the 1950's and the island of bombay is only 12 miles long and greater Mumbai including Salsette island occupies an area of 240 miles Mumbai's physical layout is trying to change by making homes more afficent and according to the provisional figures of the census that is projected to be 1.43 more which was 1.19 core in 2001 the population. a megacity has over 10,000,000 peoplethis allows for convenience for work. the modern megacity is not restricted to wealthy countriesmegacities have long been a favourite setting of bleak works of fiction that depict a tightly controlled environmentally divesting future for city inhabitants and there are33 megacity's in the world and major global risks areas.a megacity is basically a very large city In 1800 only 3% of the worlds population lived in an urban areathis rose to 47% by the end of the 20th the 1800's 97% worked in rural areas people alsoslowly migrated to cities for better working and living placement after industrial revolution because they were using machinery over people. RISEofthemegacity Mumbai
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