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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The end of the year is insight and that means we can finally start the year summarize the most fun lists. The red carpet is for every actress, singer, model and other celebrity the perfect time to shine and they did it exuberantly over the past year. So that why we make a list of the best red carpet look of 2014. THE BEST RED CARPET LOOKS OF 2014 This is a beautiful list to closed the year of 2014 and we cant wait to see more beautiful red carpet looks in 2015. See all the ladies and their stunning red carpet looks below. Even Lupita Nyong'o made 2014 her year. She appear on the red carpet with the most beautiful dresses and suits. Besides the many awards she won. she was on the cover of vogue America and she became a big style icon for a lot on insecure people. There was much variation on the red carpet. There were a lot of different style dresses. There was a lot of tight long shaped dresses but there was also some big beautiful ball gowns. The colours of the dresses on the red carpet was mostly fall colours, like dark blue, Bordeaux red, black and some yellow. We searched the forty most stunning red carpet dresses of 2014 specially for you. Of the Bordeaux red robe of the always stunning Blake Lively to the iconic Dior dress of Jennifer Lawrence and Lupita Nyong'o's light blue Prada dress up to Lily Collins purple rainbow dress. Even Paris Hilton knew this year to put her best foot forward. She made the list twice. And so there are many celebrities who became more famous of the red carpet style they show. The red carpet is one of the most important occasion for the celebrities to showwhat kind of style they have.
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