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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 THE PRICE OF LOYALTY By Mike Castan Theme: Characters: Objective Summary Plot Manny wanted to get get out of a gang called the conquistadors,but he has been friends with the members since he and his girlfriendHenrietta find a way to safely break apart. Manny the main charactertends to change allot throughout the book.His friend Hernan is theReason for himwanting to get out of the gang .It all started when he was asked what the group was called.Ever since then, they were called the conquistadors. at first the group didn't have a reputation, but as time went onand change began to happen.the reality of them being a real gang became true. Peer pressure was a main cause of the change. Hernan had a brother that was a gang member so it was easy for him to get stupid ideas for them to do.One example is.One day when Manny got to school he noticed hernan was bald. he knew he was next so without hesitating he cut his hair bald after school.Henrietta became to notice this change she didn't like it. she came to the point of dumping him. Manny knew the personhe was becoming wasn't the one everyone knew. Sometimes change is a bad thing Setting The setting of this book in California..As we all know that stateis known for the crime and drug felonies that happen everyday. So as a teenager i think it wouldbe hard to grow up in that environment.Manny had to learn to accept whohe was. He wasn't a gangster he was a god loving child.that goes to church everySunday with his grandma. He knew what he was doing was wrong so he started changing back to his normal self.That goesto show that the city you live in can affect your behavior. The beginning of the bookreally focuses on manny being a good kid.It talkedabout how manny and his friends had just started doing stupid things.The middle of the bookis when change really starts kicking in he starts to do stupid things,and getting in allotof trouble.The end is whenhe and others around him begin to notice this change. It showed how you can go from goodto bad in just days.knowing all was wrong mannygoes back to the good boy everyone knew.
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