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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The Theme is "anything can happen" because Brian neverthought Amanda would die so soon and he would have to grieveover it but she did and now its something he has to deal with. The Perfect Shot Elaine Alphin Fiction The Perfect Shot Elaine Alphin Fiction Theme Star Rating I give it a 4. It was hard to get into it in the beginning but it turned into a really great book. Plot Line Brian has a Girlfriend named Amanda. Amanda and her familywere shot and killed. Briansaw a jogger that same day that was unfamiliar in the neighborhood. The only way to keep hismind off of Amanda is to try to make the perfect shot in basketball. They find Amandas father Mr.Daine guilty but, Brian runs into a man in the bathroomthat is the real killer and he threatens Brians life. The killer shoots at Brian and Brian makes the Perfectshot killing the man and thepolice find the real killer. MainCharacter BrianHis personality is very reservedhe keeps to himself a lot but healso likes to be with and take up for his friends. He doesnt have a job but he is one of the star basketball players. Hes tall and skinny. His conflict is person vs. self he kind of fights and beatshimself up for the death of Amanda and her family becausehe thinks he could of done something to help or talked moreto the police officer. ARQuestion Q: What reason did Juliustell them he got arrested for?A. Fighting in schoolB. StealingC. Nothing D. Making the wrong turn
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