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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The Night She Disappeared Theme: Don't ever give up for what you believe in your because everyone else tells you not to for faith is what counts. Plot: Beginning: In the beginning Kayla worked as a pizza deliverer with Gabie. She goes out to deliver an order from someone who had called and for more than an hour she is gone. Gabie starts to get worried and calls the cops. Middle: Days go by and still the FBI has not found her. the only thing they know is that she had been kidnapped according to the evidence they have found. Gabie and her friend drew start to get along much better. she knows in her heart that Kayla isn't dead yet so, Drew and her go to the place where it happened. End: Gabie insists to Drew that she wants to look for Kayla and they do it. they believe that they can do it faster than the FBI. they are both successful and find her before the guy kills her. finally authorities care of everything else and they are able to go homebe with her family again. Characters:protagonist: Gabie and Drew are both trying to find Kayla.Antagonist: the kidnapper was the mean guy andactually wanted Gabie but had Kayls in his hands. Setting: this takes place in a urban city and the kidnapper takes Kayla to a dark tiny room locked inside Plot:BEGINNING: they are both Gabie and Kayla at the pizza restaurant until someone calls for a delivery and gives them a fake address.MIDDLE:Gabie is still in town trying to find clues with the FBIto find Kayla. Kayla has been taken by the kidnapperto a barn and locked in a dark room.END:at the end Gabie and Drew find Kayla and the cops and some people get shot the the bad guy but everything goes back to normal again.
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