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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The language the book has been translate in: Wrote By- Oscar Wilde Summary of the book: Rate of the book: booking page personal comment: There are 211 pages in this whole book A)I think the book most appropriate for teenagers, that's can improvetheir vocabulary and will develop their visualize ability. B)positive: the lines are beautiful C)negative: the story is too cruel foryoung kids to know. killing scenes. the book the nightingale and the Rose has been translate into 38 different languages and it's been popular in 41 countries The story was talking about: A boy is so sad and he ley down under a tree, and there is a Nightingale on the tree. the boy says that if i have a red rose, i may chase the girl whom i like, but she said, if i want to dance with her, i should brought her red rose, but the red rose was so precious, because the nightingale really like the boy, so she decided to find a piece of red rose for the boy, so she has looked for so many places, and finally a red rose tree told her that if she want the red rose, the tree needs her blood of heart, which means she has to die. For the boy she love, she died the rate of the book which gave from me is 8/10. meaning of the story The rate from me is 8 our of 10 because that the book is good and the sentences are beautiful in the book, but the story does not mean something deeper, so I think the book is for children to get more vocal, but not suit for me, so I gave 8 out of 10. reading and understanding grammar 60% 30% 10% The challenging skills: Builds Character My favorite character in the story is the Nightingale, because she want to get therose for the boy, but the boy doesn't trusther can do this, so the nightingale was sosad, but he trust herself, and then she trade her life with 1 pieces of rose. So I think the Nightingale is really brave andshe enjoy doing what made her feel happy. 10 points The nightingale and the Rose 8 points
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