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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The main themes of chapter 5 The general main theme of this chapter is claiming land, which is what most of the subtopics will be about The ownershipof Acadia British claimedAcadia ina treaty withFrance Afterwards the Acadians were deported because they didn'tagree with the oathsset down by the British Seven year's war The war that went from 1756-1763 betweenFrance and Britain.The war started as a fight for the Thirteen Colonies, but expandedthroughout the world The Treaty of Paris ended this war where France gave up nearly all of it's claims of North Americato Britain and Spain The Battle of the Plains of Abraham The battle for Quebecin 1759. General James Wolfe had beentrying to capture Quebec for almost three months. And he finallysucceeded with a surprise attack, claiming Quebec for Britain Resistance of the First Nations After British had drivenFrance out, they nolonger needed theFirst Nations as alliesin battle. The British weregoing to drive the First Nations out but the First Nations did not agree Pontiac, a leader ofan Odawa Nationled a resistanceagainst the British by taking over their nine of their forts In 1765, British signed anagreement that eventhough the Frenchwere driven out, they still didn't haveany rights to the land of the First Nations The American war of independence The war that started in 1776. Where the Thirteen Colonies fought to become anindependent country. The British wanted the Thirteen Colonies to stay under their rule The Royal Proclamation of 1763 and The Québec act of 1774 The Royal Proclamation of 1763 is where Britain expected theCanadiens to assimilate and British people would move to Québec By 1774 over seventy thousand Canadiens were living in Québec and very few British people lived in the colony. Britain decided to pass the Québec act of 1774. Giving the Canadiens more rights to their French culture
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