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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 THEME: Friendship is more than skin deep. THEME: Friendship is more than skin deep. THE LIONS OF LITTLE ROCK SETTING: Little Rock, Arkansas CHARACTERS: The protagonist, Marlee, is a 12-year old girl of silence. So silent, in fact, that she'd rather count prime numbers in her head than speak to another human being. Speaking five words to someone other than her family is an accomplishment. But, all that changes when she meets Liz, a super confident and bold girl. Liz is determed to help marlee get over her fear of speaking and over time accomplishes this goal and the two end having a unbreakable bond. OBJECTIVE SUMMARY: Marlee wanted to see Liz, But Liz got forced into an all-black school, So, she and Liz soon found ways to see each other in secret, and came together for a series of unfortunate and heroic events. PLOT: In the beginning, it was just marlee a shy girl and couldnt talk to anyone but then came liz that changed all of that for her. They became friends and on the day they were suppost to give an oral presentation Liz did not show up to school. Marlee was confused and didn't know why untell she found out marlee got caught trying to pass as a white girl to get an education, and was forced into Little Rock Central High School where her and 8 other black students would be the first to go into a all white school. Through the story it shows the racism and daily abuse they had to endure. But through this time Marlee and Liz found ways to see each other never losing sight of their friendship.
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