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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 THE HOBBIT by, J.R.R.Tolkien ETHAN DAVIS Thorin Oakenshield and his loil comrades inbark on a quest to reaturn to his kingdom but there was a bitt of a problem Smog the infamous dragon who stole the kingdom from the dwarfs(Thorin and his friends) so they got a burglar (bilbo Baggins) Objective Summery Plot first the dwarfs and Gandalft sowed up at the Baggins house to seak help to doa job that nonof the Dwarfs coulddo. they thin get in a fight agenst the gients an Gandalf saved the from the rathof them. they then jurnny on and then in the mountins they get cought by the gobblins and poor old Bilbo gets lost in the deepest part of the mountian and meets a fowl creature named Golem they even got cought by the Elves (and spiders) the excaped in wine barrls and then finaly reaturnd to the long stolen kingdom of theres the Dwarfs aroused the dragen and put him in a furry in rage he went to the not too far away town of Dail they were the ones toslay the Dragon. mean whyl the dwarfs refordifyed the walls and every passing for a battel. Elvesand the men of Dail all wanted a pice of the gold from the dwarfs. i conclushin the king under the mountian rooled horting all his long lost gold and bilbo reaturned home in his little hobbit hole The them of this book is "gold is not everything but companions are." and "face your fears" Bilbo V.S. Self Bilbo is forced to face his fear and do what he would not of done ever before. the setting supports the theme because its not uncomfortable out of your home Setting Theme
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