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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Comparing The Help and To Kill A Mockingbird Plot Characters Theme Black people arent treated as equals. Aybellene has to use an outdoor bathroomjust like Calpurnia has to ride in the back seat of Atticus's car. Hilly and Elizabeth dont approve of blacks being equal. This is similar to how the ladies at the missionary tea are making fun of how if white people dont act soon, the blacks will start thinkingeveryone is equal. Skeeter doesnt mind black people and she treats them just like everyone else. She treats Aybellene and Minnie how she treats her other friends. Skeeter is like Atticus becausehe treats Calpurniaand Tom just like any other person. Hilly and Skeeter's motherare like Aunt Alexandra. They both want Skeeter to get married and be a proper lady. Skeeter went to college for 4 years to actually get an education, not just to find a husband. Hilly doesnt think this is verylady like. In the black church in The Help, the pastor talks about courage and doing the right thing even though it might not be safe. This is juts like how Atticus tells his kids that courage isnot always a man with a gunin his hand. There are rules about how blacksand whites are supposed tointeract. Skeeter is not supposedto treat Aybellene and Minnielike equals. Atticus is not supposedto treat Calpurnia like an equal either because it isnt socially acceptable.
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