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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 THE GREAT GATSBY 1 Nick Carraway moves to New York to start a jobin the bonding business.He moves in next door to Gatsby mansion. One night Nick drivesover to his cousin's house,Daisy, for dinner. When Tomgets a call Daisy follows himand Jordan tells Nick that itis from his lover in New York When Nick gets home hesees Gatsby for the firsttime. Gatsby was reachingout towards the green lightat the end of Daisy's dock. 2 One day as Nick and Tomtake the train to NY theystop in The Valley ofAshes to meet Tom's loverMyrtle. They all then go to an apartment in NY wherethey have a party. The party ends drastically when Tom punches Myrtile when she won't stop talking about Daisy 3 One day Nick wasinvited to one ofGatsby's parties, atthe party Gatsby runsinto Jordan and they decieded to find Gatsby. At mid-night they runinto Gatsby, and Nick begins to become fascinated with Gatsby. Nick notices the Gatsby does not drink, and he stays away from the party.A couple hours later Gatsbyasks to see Jordan. 4 As Gatsby and nick driveinto town, Gatsby tells Nick about his past, but hisstory seems highly improbable. After lunch Nick seesJordan, who tells him aboutHers and Gatsby's conversationat the party. She says they he is in love with Daisy and thatthey have been in love sincebefore he went to war. Gatsby wants Nick toinvite Daisy over for teaso that Gatsby can come and surprise her. 5-6 On the day that Daisyis supposed to come over Gatsby has Nick's grass cut,and he brings over flowers. At first Gatsby and Daisy areawkward but they slowly becomehappy. Gatsby invited then overand he showed them his house. Gatsby tells Nick about his true past about how hewasn't rich when he was younghe was actually very poor. Tom and Daisy are invitedto a party at Gatsby's andthey go, but Daisy did not have a very good time. 7-8 Nick, Jordan, Gatsby, Tom, and Daisy, wereall having lunch and Tomnoticed the love between Daisy and Gatsby. When Gatsby and tom started to talk about Daisy things startedto become really heated andGatsby lost his temper. And they drove home. On the way home Tomfound out that someonekilled Myrtle with a car.Nick soon finds out thatit was Daisy but Gatsby was covering for her. WhenMyrtles husband found outhe went to Gatsby's and shot him. 9 Only a few people cameto Gatsby's funeral. Gatsby'sfather came, and said that hewas proud of his sons accomplishments. From thereNick moved back to the midwest. Nick concluded that Gatsby was The Great Gatsby because of his dream.He has a dream and he followed it, he never gave up on it.
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