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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Theme:people with no memories can still put up a fight andthe bad guy may be in all forms. Objective Summary: cady 16-15 year old girl in the mountains not knowing who she is where she is and why she is there. beginning: a girl wakes up in a strange placeand don't know where she is who she is and why she doesn't know all thatmiddle: she has found a friend and he is helpingher find about her past and all she can find about herselfend: cady remembers every thing about her and she soon find out that her parents are hiding from z-biotech the place they work. setting: her parents are trying to keep the worst virus the world has ever seen out of the handsof people who will use the virus to make the world a horrible and disease full place. The girl who was suposed to die character: close to the end cady learns that her parents have been working on a virus that can kill the world and their boss is going to sell the virus to the highest bidder and keep all the profit from selling the virus to people who will use it for terrorist acts on the whole world. and herparents are trying to give the information to the FBI so they can shut down their boss and get him arrested and put in jail. and cady is asked by her parents when she gets her memories back to go to z-biotech and get the cure for the virus and give to them so they can take it to the FBI and get the operation shut down.
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