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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 16 and Pregnant and Teen Mom "Jamie Lynn Spears' pregnancy was a lead story in the news, but this piece talked about the 750,000 other teenage girls who get pregnant each year in the U.S., the ones who were not from wealthy, famous families.... The U.S. has the highest rates of teen pregnancyand teen birth in the fully developed world -- but at thattime, no one was really talking about the harsh realitythese young women were facing." - Laura Dolgen, the creator Kearney and Levine found a 5.7 percentreduction in teen births in the 18 months after the 16 and Pregnants introduction in 2009 Entertainment Education"The process of purposely designing and implementinga media message to both entertain and educate."Provides a way to reach youth audiences becausethey often feel invincible to health and social risks. Social Cognitive Theory: Human nature is a vast potentiality that can be shaped by direct and observationalexperience into a variation of practices.Viewers would be likely to model behavior if they see that behavior as positively reinforcedthrough the display of positive outcomes. When watching 16 and Pregnant, I see the teens uprooted from their schoolingand their teen lives and forced to grow up too quickly. The new moms continuallynote the importance of birth control andalso share type of birth control they useafter they give birth to their child As I watch Teen mom 2, I am puzzled at the sight of new cars,nice houses, vacations, and extravagant toys for toddlers. The moms of Teen Mom 2 are now aged 22 or 23 with 4- or 5-year-olds. I view the young moms driving new cars. A mom on the show even purchases her first house at the age of 22. I see a toddler playing on a brand newsophisticated play set in her own backyard. The toddlers are involved in extracurricular activities The children also attend appealing daycares and preschools. Additionally,three of the four moms on Teen Mom 2 have even had asecond baby. 's
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