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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The Fallen By: Paul Langan Theme: friendship may lead to bad things Objective Summary:Martin Luna wanted peace, calm, and time alone after the death of his brother Huero but people keptgetting in his business so droppes out of school In the beginning Martin and his gangwere down to kill, Hector, the personwho killed Martin's brother Huero. In the middle Martin didn't want to get into anymore trouble but Frankie(the leader of the gang and the mostfeared). Forced him to do it because Frankie also had problems with Hector.Frankie warned Martin that if he didn'tdo it, Frankie would kill him. Then in the end Martin confronted Frankieand he said he wouldn't do it. Frankie ran back to his car and pulled out a gun. ThenFrankie started on Martin. Martin was so beat up. Then for the first time Martin was on his knees. After that Frankie pointed thegun at Martin's forehead. Martin told Frankie to pull the trigger, but he also told him aboutwhat would happen after he shot him. Martinsaid that Frankie would be put in jail for a pretty long time and then Frankie told Martin to leave Setting: The setting in the book takes placein Bluford High School The Antagonist is Frankie. Even though Martin and Frankie were in the same gang, Frankie pressured Martin to killHector. So Frankie was a friend to Martin but then he forced Martin to do whats wrong.
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