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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Idea web Ahmad.Hazzam The disadvantages of the internet Affect the human's body Increase the ways of bullying(Cyberbullying) People could do illegal things such as hacking and plagarasim Conclusion Paragraph It hurts the human's eye when they sit a long time on the internet. Also the computer screen can cause hazardous radiation such as X-rays and ultraviolentand that's what happened for an officerstwenty years ago when they were spendingmost of their time working on the computer Typing a long time on the computerbecause of sitting a ling time on theinternet that cause the human's finger'sbones to get weak and the user will feelthe pain inside his bones It makes the person sit on the internet for a long time and thatcause the some people to get over-weight and having over-weight body can cause the person to have heart diseases and cancer 16 years old girl "Hannah" killed herself from the bad messages that her friends posted on Amanda Todd, is 15 year old irl killed herself in British Columbia because of cyberbullying on the internet Kenneth Weishuhn who died from cyberbullying when his friend were harassing him on a facebookgroup chat One hundred banks got hacked and lost $900 million by Russian hackers Hackers steal up to $1 billion from25 countries including the USA University student named "Kaavya" got caught when she plagiarized her work that shehave to hand in to the professor The internet has many disadvantages that can hurt the human's body, the person's feeling that might causethem to die and the internet may fell some people into a big troubles Introduction Paragraph When the internet was discovered,many people figured many benefits from it like finding things fast without wastingtime. But as there many good things, there is many bad things in the other side Thesis That may affect the human'sbody, increase the ways of bullyingand also it may leadthe people to do illegal thingssuch as hacking and plagarazing 1st Support 2nd Support 3rd Support 1st Support 2nd Support 3rd Support 1st Support 2nd Support 3rd Support
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