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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 THEME PLOT SETTING OBJECTIVE SUMMARY double click to change this header text! Even if your past is dark or light it will always come back to haunt you, but only you can fight it away. *A new high school with new people.*- This supports the theme by how at this new high school somany things bring remind her of her past here and this is where she is fighting the hardest, some people are influencing her to do things that caused her pain in the past. Brynna wanted to forget all aboutthe night of the dare, but as she realized someone was playing tricks on her she found out it was Christopher, her illegalstep brother that killed Erica that night. So,she had relieved the guilt knowing it wasn'ther that caused her best friends death. CHARACTERS At the end of the story when Ecica's remains arefinally found they have a proper funeral for her. Shenotices that her english teacher is there and askshim questions. Brynna realizes that it is Christopher her step brother that is never suppose to be around her then he ties her up and throws herin the back of his car. He tells Brynna that he was the one who killed Erica when she jumped off thepier and that is the exact way he is going to kill her.As he attempts to kill her in the riptide she just closes her eyes knowing its going to be over. Shesoon later wakes up in the hospital where she hasthe peace and closure that she knows it wasn't her that caused her best friends death.- This part of the plot relates to the theme by asChristopher comes and brings back her pastat the pier, she finally can have peace in herself by knowing that she wasn't the one to cause thedeath. It also ties into the rest of the plot as well, by showing that her past has come back to haunt her but she finds ways to fight it off herself. Antagonist: ChristopherThe antagonist, Christopher, verymuch contributes to the themebecause he is the one thatcauses all of Brynna's panicattacks and anxiety overload. He does this by playing terribletricks on her to make her thinkErica didn't really die and sheis coming back to haunt her. So he brought her past back to disturb her, along with traumatizing flashbacks,as said in the theme. THE DARE
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