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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 the compound characters lexi is a 16 year old girl who has lived in the compound since she was ten she wants out . eli is a 14 year old that has livedin the compound for six years with his family and has been wondering if they have been here for nothing they think that there is a way out eddy he was thought to be dead along with his grandmother he was not meant to be left out of the compound but was brought back to their cabin Therese she is a little girl about 10 she knows little about the world outside the compound and doesint want to the plot the compound eli and his family were brought to the compound by his father he had said that there were going to be a nuclear attack and that they would have to live in the compound for 15 years untill the radiation wears off thye were on year six they enough food to last them until their cows had started to die off their flour had started to go bad and their father had gone insane eli had found his brothers computer in his room and it had internet connection he had gotten in contactwitwas trapped in the compound andthat had had to find a way out he had to get the police to find them. meanwhile his mother was going to have a baby then his father had gotten sick from the bread that his mother had made for him they had figured out the code and eli got out out and his dads assistant phillip thinking that he would help them he instead got his dad and he had a detonator in his had and said that he had 10had ten minutes to get them out they got out and his father escaped they still dont know where he is. theme you never know what youhave untill its gone setting the setting supports my theme because they were in a under ground facility for six years and no way out they had no contact with the outside world they had taken for granted life on the out side objective sumary eli wanted out of the compoundbut his dad was the only one whoknew the password to the doorso him and his sister sigured it out
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