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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 start from scratch[clears the canvas] THE BLACKFOOT PEOPLES CLOTHING The blackfoot peoples wear clothing like the following pictures below. Some of this clothing is found on some of these few animals. TRANSPORTATION they use some of these animals to get from place to place Some of this clothing is made ofseal , wolf fur , bird feathers , buffalo fur and many more typesof fur sometimes they use animals to get around they make saddles and they have to take care of the animals for transporting on land and if you need to transport across bodies of water you can travel by boat THE LEGEND FROM THE BLACKFOOT PEOPLES You can find the blackfoot legend on this tab FOOD The blackfoot peoples ate some of the pictures below also they eat some food such as plants,,cooked fish,bare meat ,wolf meat , elk and deer, and they eat many more kinds of meat SHELTER double click to change this header text! Where do the Blackfeet Indians live? The Blackfeet Indians are original residents of the northern Plains, particularly Montana, Idaho, and Alberta, Canada. Most Blackfoot people still live in this region today. Here is a map showing traditional Blackfoot lands and the location of their reservations today. FUN FACTS ROLES OF THE MENAND WOMEN . Blackfoot women were in charge of the home. Besides cooking and cleaning, a Blackfoot woman built her family's house and dragged the heavy posts with her whenever the tribe moved. Houses belonged to the women in the Blackfoot tribe. Blackfoot men were hunters and sometimes went to war to defend their families. Most Blackfoot chiefs and warriors were men. Both genders took part in storytelling, artwork and music, and traditional medicine. The Blackfoot Indians, a confederacy of four Native American bands in southern Canada and Montana, lived in houses called tepees made of log poles and buffalo skins. These were easy to collapse, transport and reassemble, as the Blackfoot Indians were nomadic. the shelter looked like this
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