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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Greece Life in Men were expected to have a social life while girls were to lead more of a nonsocial life. Women were expected to have more of a private life. Women's main focus should have been their home. Dancing was important to their life style. Both men and women believed that dancing improved physical and emotional health. Men and women never really danced together. The marriage was arranged by the parents. Girls would get married around the age of fourteen to eighteen. Men would normally get married in there twenties or even thirties. The Greeks believed in life after death. If you did good deeds you would be sent to the underworld. They also believed if you did bad deeds you would still be sent to the same underworld. There was slavery happening in Greece at that time. The wealthy families would have a slave to go to the market to get their goods and the help with the children if they had any. Ancient They did not have a priests direct the wedding they would follow certain rituals. After their rituals they would go in a cart to go to the birds house. The grooms parents wouldmeet them at the door and they would then be showered with nuts and fruit. Girls wore their long hair in a ponytail at the top of their heads. Some would wear it in a braid but still in a ponytail. Men had their hair shot and had beard only if they were soldiers. Men and women both wore linen and in the winter they would wear wool. Blonde hair was rare so the girls would often bleach their hair so it would be blonde.
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