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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Americas vs. Oceania Most people believe that the Americas and Oceania developed in a similar waysince they were both colonies separated from Europe but there are actually many differences that go along with the similarities that they have. Europe Americas Oceania&Americas Oceania Political development Ruling Chiefs Both the Aztecs and New Guineahad a ruling chief/emperor ontop of their government who hadthe majority of the power Centralized Government The Aztecs had a centralizedgovernment because theywere in the valley of mexico andhad a lack of obstacles Small Trade Network New Guinea couldn't have a centralized governmentbecause of geographic barriers New Guinea Extensive Trade Network Aztecs Decentralized Government Complex Agricultural Economies Economic Development Aztecs New Guinea New Guinea's trade was onlywith the other surroundingislands which made it a smalltrade network Blue=Americas Isolated The Aztecs were able to haveextensive trade because therewere different distances oftrade and large markets witha large range of materials orgoods Green=Similarities Red=Oceania Limitations Lack of domesticated animals Leads to slowerdevelopment Both societies focused highly on farmingin the economy as a main resource Crops in the Americas were morenutritious which meant they couldprovide for a bigger society and theywere easy to access or get Crops in Oceania were very hardto access and for the amount of laborput into accessing the crops, the nutrition didn't match which meanta smaller society
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