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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The Zhou Dynasty The Zhou Dynasty Overthrew the Shang dynasty. Chinese civilization expanded during this time. To keep organization- the emperor and the leaders made territories and had an overseer Eastern and Western Zhou: The Zhou lost control of the territories and gave it to the lords. Government:"Mandate of Heaven" idea where emperors were granted to rule based on their skills.emperor divided land into estates of land ruled by relatives. Those ruling the land, owned the farmers working the land. Technology: Use of Bronze and Jade. findings of wine vessels (bronze, silver, gold and copper)use of Coins for the first time in China. Religion: Based on the hierarchical way of life. Emperors believed they were given a mandate from heaven to rule. Kings prayed and sacrificed to Shang Ti, the lord on high (now called T'ien) lords of the territories prayed to the nature and agriculture gods, also to their ancestors. If any sacrifices or prayers were missed, their leaders would suffer a great misfortune Agriculture: peasants grew the crops. Sections of land were given to each of them. Crop Rotation: allowed more efficient use of the land. Soybeans became a major crop. Iron age: Iron tipped ox drawn plows improved irrigation techniquesincreased population= increased wealth. Increase in economy allowed rulers to rule more territories. more people became merchants and traders. Improved communication: horseback communication Golden Age: based on philosophy. Main philosopher: Confucious.Confucianism: belief that the government should return to the original Zhou style. Taoism: Simplicity based. government should let people deal with problems of nature. they should return to their agricultural communities. Legalism: every aspect of life should be led by strict rules and impersonal laws.
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