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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The Molly Maguires DOG It ended the Miner's strike "IRISH NEED NOT APPLY" Irish immigrants began coming over to America in the 19th centurylooking for workand better lives for their families. James Mcparlan, a Pinkerton was hired to infiltrate The Molly Maguires and he succeeded,allowing theauthorities to arrest over 60 men. The Irish soon formed their own organization calledThe Ancient Order of Hibernians or AOH. The AOH only allowed Irishmen in their ranks and sought better working conditions, not afraid to use violence. Molly headed the Anti-landlord Agitators who (physically) fought landlords to maintain their land. The AOH was the Molly Maguire's cover name.And through the AOH they began "The LongStrike", to try to improve working conditions. They used violence to accomplish this and the police force responded in kind,seeking to kill the violent protestors. The Irish soon discovered thatlife in America wasn't much betterand many discriminated againstthem when looking for jobs. "Take that from a son of Molly Maguire!" was commonly said among the group. This forming their new name of "Molly Maguires." She was a 19th century Irish widow who protested against an English Landlord who was stealing people's land. Who is Molly Maguire? Were TheyEven Real? The men were tried seperatlybecause there was no evidenceof the men's connection to the MollyMaguire, or that the MollyMaguire existed at all. 20 menwere sentenced to hang withoutsufficient evidence. The public then sawThe Molly Maguires asbrutal murderers. The existence of theMolly Maguires is stillquestioned today. The Molly Maguires were seen as heroes to theIrish and other coalminers. Today their legend lives on throughvarious movies and songs. JamesMcParlin Immigrants moved to the coal regions of eastern PA and NE in pursuit of work.
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