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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 17911804 1791-1804 The Haitian Revolution The Haitian Revolution Toussaint l'overture was the leader of the revolutionJean-Jaques Dessalines took over after l'overture died The slaves revolted because they wanted to be free. The whites stuck with slavery and did not want to abolish it, so the only way for it to go away would be to revolt. The slaves wantedfreedom and equality and overallfull citizenship Haiti had a history of slave rebellions;the slaves werenever willing to submit to their status and with their strength in number (10 to 1)colonial officials and plantersdid all that was possible to control them. They planned toattack on Aug. 21, 1971 and by 1972they controlled 1/3 of the island The enslaved acted first by rebelling. Before the fightingended 100,000 of the 500,000black and 24,000 of the 40,000whites were killed. The former French forces and the Britishwho arrived in 1793 to conquerthe colony, and who withdrew in 1798 after a series of defeatby l'overture's forces Important Dates Important Dates 1790-Vincent Oge and Jean- Baptiste Chevannes come into rebellion for civil rights1791-Slaves start burning plantations and killing masteres1801- French government abolishes slavery.1803-l'overture dies in prison1804- Haiti becomes independent form France. Slavesl'overtureDesallinesVincent Oge Chevannes The French GovernmentRoyalistsNapolean BonaparteColonial OfficialsWhites Oppression Revolution
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