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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 HAND-CRAFTED COFFEE ETHIOPIAN Bright and balanced, with undertones of Blueberry, Dark Chocolate and Citrus. BRAZILIAN Bold, with undertones of Chocolate, Sweet Cream and Molasses. CHOOSE HOUSE BREW 2/2.25 Fair trade, ethically farmed and locally roasted.In a hurry? This brew is freshly made on the hour.Decaf available. Made-to-Order Made-to-Order 2/2.25 2/2.25 This hand drip coffee is made justfor you, give us a few minutesand well show you what coffeeshould taste like! double click to changethis text! Drag a cornerto scale proportionally. Also known as the press pot, this brew gives you a robust and bold cup of coffee. OUR FAVORITE! STANDARD SPECIALTY COFFEE ESPRESSO CAPPUCCINO LATTE A pure shot of espresso to wake you up or keep you going! *Can be added to any drink* 2/2.25 2/2.25 A shot of espresso, with steamed milk and extra froth add a shot of flavor to sweeten the deal! enjoyhot or cold! OTHER A shot of espresso with steamed milk, little froth and if youd like a shot of flavor! DRINKS ESPRESSO DRINKS CARAMEL MACCHIATO MOCHA WHITE MOCHA "RED-EYE" Freshly steamed milk, vanilla, espresso topped with caramel syrupand a little whipped cream if youd like! 2/2.25 2/2.25 2/2.25 2/2.25 Espresso, steamed milk and some sweet chocolate, ask for whipped cream if youd like! Espresso, steamed milkand sweet WHITE chocolate, ask for whipped cream! House Brew + espresso shots! This is perfect to wake upin the morning or for anafternoon pick-me up! HOT CHOCOLATE TEA 2/2.25 2/2.25 Steamed milk + sweet chocolate, sure to cure any sweet-tooth! Choose from our hand-selected tea varieties! "POUR-OVER" Coffee FRENCH PRESS Coffee YOUR 2/2.25 BREW 2/2.25 412 Market Street, Parkersburg, WV // (---) --- - ---- Call or ORDER ONLINE for DELIVERY
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