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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 WHAT IS THE AUTOIT?Is the programing language? AutoIT is an easy language to learn.AutoIt is scripting language,it help user to perform work automatically GUI (Graphic user interface) by pretending the keys, the click mouse buttons, interoperability (kh năng tương tác) with the files, the windows.... AutoIT can do so many things, small, light, even not need to install, high compatibility( tính tương thích), ability come out file exe made AutoIT becomes more and more common. DEVELOPMENT HISTORY OF AUTOIT 1/1999: The first version is releasedInventer: Jonathan Bennett1999 - 2001: + Coming out with a version from 1.8 to 2.1 +The quantity of function is increasing BIG VARIATION 5/2001: The source code is chaosed All source code is rewritten in C++ language 12/2002:+ The last version 2 is released+ It's very difficult to use + More utilities Exe2Aut ( decompiler), AutoItDLL 3/2003Idea: Lary (member of team)The version 3 is released.Structure : Almost the same to VBScrip, BASIC FEATURES OF AUTO IT It supports auto assignment operators , arithmetic , comparison and logic = : assigned Ex: $var = 5+= : increase Ex: $var += 2($var = $var +2 -= : decrease Ex: $var -=2($var = $var -1)*= : multiplication/= : divisionAND, OR, NOT OPERATOR NOT^*/+-&< > <= >= <> ==AND OR PRIORITY 1.<library>2.<variant>3.<statements , expressions>4.<discription, noted>5.<function>.......................... GENERAL FORM Number: It can be decimal, negative, positive, hexa : 3 ; 5.463 ; 1.5e3; -8; 0x409; 0xff4aString:It 's wrapped in " " or ' '.Ex: 'This is a string!' -> Correct "My name is Thao Nguyen" -> Correct 'Hello everybody"-> Incorrect 'This is "my dog", not your'->CorrectVariant of string can contain 2,147,483,647 letters, TYPE OF DATA AutoIT is a scripting language , interpreters work the way the commands are read and performed sequentially, not as Pacal and C++.AutoIT isn't symbols separated from the command, each command must be written on one And it not distinguish uppercase , lowercase (except title on windows) Note : used ";" or "#cs...#ce" + Easy structure so easy to learn.+ Pretending to press keys and click.+ Interacting with windows and procession( tiến trình).+Allowing to create GUI+Support Regular Expention+Compatibility (tương thích) with all version on Windows. System untyped data : AutoIt does not define data types for variables ,this is the first large favorable to the non- professional , but for those who professionally are really annoying because it is difficult to debug . Often the anti- virus program identified as malware .Running on a single thread : Trouble programming asynchronous , concurrent and parallel ( such as media applications ) WEAKNESSES Application of languageAutoIt can be used to create software utility for Microsoft Windows .It can also be used to automate tasks such as automatically install software , website monitoring , network monitoring , disk defrag and backup data . It also makes a user in one of the software applications such as testing or autogame .This language can also be used to write viruses . thanks for watching!!!
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