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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Tips for Hosting a Thanksgiving Dinner Make a game plan Make sure you plan everything out early enough so you have a few days to fine tune any details or make changes, in the event that something unforeseen comes up. Lists, lists, lists! Lists are your friends. Keep everything organized bywriting down ingridients needed, dishes, accessories,guests, etc.!). This way you can easily see what you need to buy vs what you already have, how much of each thin you'll need, etc. Don't be afraid to delegate Prepare some items ahead of time Remember to take a break Consider the true meaning of the holiday Just because you're hosting dinner does not meanthat you have to do it all on your own. Assigning tasks to everyone will keep them more involved andhelp you keep things under control. Have someone bring dessert and someone else be in charge of gamesand activities, for example. Happy Thanksgiving! We're grateful to have you in our lives! Anything that can be made ahead of time should be readyto go before the big day. This will free up some time towork on things that need to be freshly made or to handleanything that comes up. Stress Free Thanksgiving day/dinner will most likely be chaotic.Make sure to take little breaks throughout the dayso you can be happy, stress-free, and enjoy the company of all your friends and family. Put some of your favorite music on, take a long bath the night before, or even schedule little stretching breaks hereand there. Finally, remember that this holiday is all about beingthankful for what and who we have around us. Keep inmind that even if not everything goes according to plan, being surrounded by those you love already makesthe day a success. De-stress after the celebration After everyone is gone and everything is done, make sure to spend some time relaxing and rewarding yourselffor a job well done. Get a massage, go to the movies, or even watch a whole season of your favorite show on Netflix. You deserve it! And of course, don't worry aboutthe post-party cleaning. You can leave that to us.
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