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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The Fault in Our Stars OKAY? OKAY John Green Romance THEME Oblivion is inevitable The author makes it clear that everything will end and you need to enjoy the little things. Hazel and Augustus wanted to be together forever, but they knew that one day, one day soon, they would be forced to end. Just like everything else in the world. Hazel has a terminal form of thyroid cancer. She had short choppy hair, wore and oxygen cord around her nose because of her cancer. Her main conflict was the fact that she was going to die soon and leave her family and friends with nothing. MAIN CHARACTER Hazel Lancaster & Augustus Waters Augustus had osteosarcoma, which took his leg. He had short blondish hair and beautiful blue eyes. His main conflict was that he feared he wasn't going to have a legacy after he died. PLOT LINE Hazel and Augustus met at a group for kids who were battling cancer. They started hanging out and falling in love. Soon Augustus invited Hazel to go to Amsterdam with him to see Hazel's favorite author Peter Van Houton who wrote her favorite book "An Imperial Affliction". When they were in Amsterdam Augustus revealed to Hazel that his cancer had come back worse than ever. Soon after that day Augustus passed away. Peter Van Houton showed up at his funeral and gave Hazel the sequel that Augustus wrote for her for "An Imperial Affliction". The book was one big amazing, crazy and sad love story. 5 STARS (lungs) I gave "The Fault in Our Stars" 5 stars because the book was beautiful. The author did an amazing job creating a picture for his readers and explaining the struggle these two had to endure. Why does Augustus hold an unlit cigarette in his mouth? A) It's a metaphor. B) To impress Hazel C) To get cancer again. D) He likes the way they taste
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