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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 I'll it to you, this shirt is soft! Fash 200Professor HalvorsonFInal Project Construction Garment Qualities Breakdown of Price Fiber Content: $$$Yarn dyed: $$Embellishments: $$Thread Count: $$Overseas Labor: $$ About Ted Baker This garment is a full-fashioned, jersey knitwith SPI of 19 x 25. It has been yarn dyedand embellished with beads. Novelty yarnswere used to make it more luxurious. The Embellishments $135 79% viscose +21% angorarabbit hair = Negatives:- absorbs moisture- does not recover well from creasing- snags- can be damaged if washed incorrectly DRY CLEAN ONLY "Handle with care, thisgarment can tend to snag easily." hand By Gianna Consilvio Founded by Ray Kelvin in 1988, Ted Bakeroriginally was a men's shirt shop. Since then,it has grown into an international lifestyle brandthat sells men's and women's formalwear as well as casual knitwear. The brand originates in London, but is now sold in 24 different countries. (On sale for $100!) Positives:- very soft hand- drapes well- viscose fibers blend well with luxury angora- fine fibers make for very desirable garment *Since this garment was purchased, the company Ted Baker has declared theyhave stopped using angora rabbit fibers,as they are uncomfortable with anddisagree with the way the rabbits are treated. This garmentwas made andmanufacturedin China. With a minimum wageof only $2.02, it is muchmore cost effective toproduce clothes there. This garment is adorned with tiny blackbeads to give it that "something extra." There are no known finishes on this garment.It could possibly be softened with a chemicalfinish, but is most likely not necessary, as itwas made with naturally soft fibers.
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