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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 "Grainy peach cottonJust like Caribbean sand Over my body" Method of Construction: Weft Knit 63% 37% 9% Cotton Nylon Acrylic Lining: Upper Portion: Lower Portion: Cotton 100% 86% 5% Viscose Fiber Content: Retailer: Victoria's SecretDesigner: Moda International in the UKManufactured in China Cost: $88.00(Tag on garment) The Story of the Powdered Peach Crochet Maxi Dress Garment Specifics *Probable degree of use for this garment is to go to a barbecue, going out to dinner on a beach, shopping on main street, etc (nothing too fancy) Loops and fabric formed horizontallyEach needle makes loops one at a timeUnravel horizontallyTwo-way stretchFull fashion garment (has fashion marks)Low cover/air permeable due to cloth construction Yarn Construction: Cost of Garment: 2012 Average Wage for a Textile Worker: China: $1.65 an hour China:$88.00 China = Cheap Labor - All fibers are lightweight.-Use of Acrylic: -Good dimensional stability (prevents shrinkage) -Hypoallergenic (causes no irritation) -Good resiliency (wrinkle recovery)-Use of Nylon: -Extremely lightweight and strong -Good abrasion resistance (withstand rubbing) -Good resiliency (wrinkle recovery) -Use of Cotton: -Hydrophilic (absorbs perspiration from body) -Electrical conductor (no static) -Thermal conductor (keeps body cool) -No pilling -Good drape-Use of Polyester: -Good resiliency (wrinkle recovery) -Good dimensional stability (prevents shrinkage) -Good tenacity (strength/resists stress)-Use of Viscose: -Good drape -Hydrophilic (absorbs perspiration from body) -Electrical conductor (no static) -Thermal conductor (keeps body cool) -Inflammable -Crochet dominating the Spring/Summer 2011 runways by 70s inspired dresses-Pieces are based on hippy, festival chic inspirations, but overall the aesthetic is still luxurious with a modern sense of refinement.-"One of the biggest fashion trends of 2013" 1970's Revival Piece Dyed Crochet US: Over $200.00 Upper Portion: Multi-Textured FilamentLower Portion:4-Ply Spun YarnCloth Count: 9 X 7.5 US: $9.00-$16.00 an hour 1970s 2011 Polyester Contains no finishesUses yarn construction and weft knitting method for the aesthetics of garmentLow luster "Crochet Your Way Into Spring"
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