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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 the case of the monkeys that fell from the trees vs why monkeys live in trees what they have in common In gta V the graphics are clear, sharp, and show more depth. The colors are brighter and show real life effects. The graphics in gta IV were grainy and the colors were dull. Story Gta IV's storyline had one playable character and 91missions. Your only companion is your cousin. Gta V features 3 different characters to choose from (not including a dog used for some missions) and has 69 missions. Online Gta IV's online is started by bringing up your in game phone. You can choose to play by yourself or with friends or a random lobby. Gta V's online is started by bringing up the menu and selecting online. You have the same options for lobbiesas gta IV. In Gta V your online account is saved while in Gta IV your online account isn't. You can own apartments, houses, cars, and get money and it will all be saved if you get offline. Cops In gta IV you can get up to a 6 star wanted level. The cop radius is a circle on the minimap and gets bigger every time your wanted level increases. The only way to lose the cops is escaping the circle radius. Even if you hid they always managed to find you. In gta V you can get up to 5 stars. The minimap blinks red and blue and the only way to escape the wanted level is to get out of the line of sight from the cops. So this means you can hide behind buildings or walls or drive away until the cops lose sight of you. Both of these strategies work no matter how many stars you have. Flying In gta IV the only flying machines are a small amount of different helicopters and no airplanes. Gta V includes all the helicopters from gta IV( also the buzzard from the expansion packs) and a few new ones. There are lots of planes that you can find and purchase in Gta V. Map The map on gta IV is based on New York City, including Brooklyn, Queens, The Bronx, and Manhattan. The whole map is filled with cities and the only grassy parts are parks. The map on gta V is huge compared to the gta IV map as you can see by the comparison in the second picture. There is way more than just the city. It is surrounded by countryside including the huge mountain(Mount Chiliad) lots of wilderness, animals, 2 different regions, and a big lake. Ridge Beatty
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