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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Australians France In "Don't forget me cobber" Australian Soldiersin North of France 5,533 61,859 ~2000 331,814 Due to the fact that so many soldiers were left wounded in no man's land. believed to be the greatest loss by a single division in 24 hours during the entire First World War. For the 3 days and nights after the battle, men risked their lives to go into no man's land to save 300 of their wounded mates. 470 152,171 Wounded Killed inFrance and Belgium Casualties in 24 hours (Fromelle) People died in 24 hours (Fromelle) Captured(Fromelle) About AIF The Battle of Fromelles was fought on the 19th of July 1916ended on the 20th of July 1961 It was British military operation onthe Western Front during World War Isubsidiary to the Battle of the Somme The Australian Soldiers served under the AIF Australian Imperial Force First Second Formed on15 August 1914 Disbanded in 1921 Raised in 1921 Ceasing to Exist 1947 For World War II For World War I Mostly about the First AIF Operations Gallipoli Egypt and Palestine Western Front 5 Infantry Division Saw Actionin France and Belgium Battle of Fromelles 3 Battles 1st Army Air Operation German 6th Army Do You Know? In WW1, Australia's population was 5 million,with the USA population at 100 million. Australia's number of war dead (over 60,000) was more than half the USA's (117,000). A total of 331,814 Australians were sent overseas in the firstWorld War to serve as part of AIF Which represented 13% of the male population Of this, 18% was killed The casualty rate was 64% The highest of all allied nations The slaughter at Fromelles causedthe death of 25 sets of brothers and two fathers and sons. And the World War I itself causes........ Over than 37 million casualties Over than 16 million deaths Over than 20 million wounded Do we still want war? Copyright 2015 Bulan Iskandar
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