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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Who is a Terrorist DOG Islamic state is the name used by a radical militantIslamic group based onIraq and Syria Mujahideen is the plural form of Mujahad the terrorist for one engaged in Jihad . is a form of government in which god, or a god , isrecognized as the supremeruler the gods or Edithlaw being interpreted by the religious leader a militant group that gained control of mostof Afghanistan beginning of the middle 1990s a terrorist organization that support activities of Muslims extremists around the world an Arabic word that refers to an effort or struggle on behalf of the religion of Islam is a system of morals religious observance, ethics, and politic covers both religions They follow 5 rules. the first one is they have 1 true godthe second one is they pray 5 times each daythe third one is support the needythe fourth one is no food or drinkfrom dawn till sundown the last one is once in a lifetime journey to the holy city the group now known as Sunnis chose Abu Bakrthe prophets advider to become the first succsseser Mac | Early Adopter | Gadgets Nerds and Geeks typically getplaced as the same types of people. However there are many differences between the two. maintain that the rightful successor of the prophet washis cousin and son-in-law Taliban Isis or Isil Al-Qa'ida Jihad Mujahideen Sharia Law (Islamic law) Islam FivePillars Sunni Muslim ShiaMuslim Theocracy
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