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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 2 Rigerous Evaluation of New or Innovative Approaches to Prevent Teen Pregnancy 2015 Office on Children and Youth Page County Schools Harrisonburg City Schools Harrisonburg Health Department Office of Adolescent Health The goal of this grant is to rigorously evaluate newor innovative strategies or approaches for preventingteen pregnancy and related high-risk behaviors. The Office on Children and Youth is applying to rigorouslyevaluate their curriculum LifeMAP. This curriculumutilizes innovated technology and is based in theEcological approach to adolescent sexual risk behavior. -Seven lessons for Grades 6, 7 and 8-Based in Goal Setting and Relational Skills-Technologically engaging: RouteMAP videos, Virtual ClinicVisits, Online classes for parents, texting componet-Topics Covered: Goal and Limit setting, Anatomy, Coercionand Communicating Limits, STIs and HIV, Healthy Relationshipsand Social Media, Sexual Health, and Communication-Four Parent Compass education sessions-Community Compass Training for school and community members that work with youth Relational Peers Community Youth Familial -Five year grant: -Year one: eight month planning, four month pilot program -Years two through five: years of teaching and evaluation-Trained health educators delivering curriculum-Classroom technology provided by the Officeon Children and Youth-Intervention schools: Skyline Middle School &Page County Middle School-Control Schools: Thomas Harrison Middle School & Luray Middle School Grant Objectives: Ecological Approach: LifeMAP Facts: Grant Facts:
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