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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Teenage drinking destroys families double click to change this title text! Young drivers (16-20) are 17xmore likely to die in a car crash if they have a Blood Alcohol concentration of .08% or above In the state of Washington,BAC over .08% is ILLEGAL while driving "Lexi's blood alcohol level was .12. The legal limit is point zero eight. Of course, shes under twenty-one, so she cant legally drink at all (Hannah 165). She mentally and physically destroyed Jude, Mia's mother and Zach. Taking away the daughter of her second family. Mias absence filled the antiseptic-scented air of the Farraday household, and her loss was all either Zach and Jude wanted to talk about, but neither had the strength to form such painful words, so they sat in silence (Hannah 171). Lexi Baill's took the life of Mia Farraday, who was not only her best friend, but her boyfriend Zach's sister. In times of weakness, communities and families come together to support the loss of a teenage girl who died in a tragic accident. Even as Jude listened to murmurs of support, she heard the relief in other peoples voices, the immense gratitude that it wasnt their child who had died. She heard Im so sorry until she despised those words as she had never despised anything in her life, and discovered an anger in her soul that was new. Toxic (Hannah 170). Jude pressed charges on Lexi, ultimately leading to Lexi spending 5 years in prison. Although she lovedLexi as her second daughter,Lexi took the life of her pride and joy. I cant forgive Lexi Baill. I wish I could. Maybe justice will help me. At the very least, maybe it will send a message to the next kid who thinks it's okay to drive home from a party -Jude (Hannah 204). Despite the relationship between Lexi and Jude, some actions are UNFORGIVABLE.
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