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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 TEENS believe in a God? Do Definition re·li·gion noun \rili-jən\ the belief in a god or in a group of gods (Webster) Don't believe Do believe Interview with Mr. McGarvey01/08/2015Do you think teenagers believe/do not believe in God?I do believe everyone believes in God. Something inside knows what God is. Teenagers - I do not get to talk to them much about God, certainly not in school, that would be wrong. Outside of school, in church I can. I think teenagers do know who God is , do believe in God in some way.How do you think teens believe or do not believe. Or why?Everyone believes in the heart. Teenagers are told in society , in school , in the media - there is no God.Matt: That is what you hear in school when you learn about evolution, biology, chemistry etc., God does not exist.What is the biggest influence on teenagers belief in God?Family. Teenagers often reflect what they learn at home. When raised by families in a religion they are more likely to be open to religion.TV and movies mock religion as something the dislike and portray religion and religious people in a negative way.Make fun of church. jesus is ridiculous. Teenagers absorb the criticism.Peer influence is important and has an effect on teens. Family, media, peer influences are most important. School least important of all.  What experience  do you have working with teenagers.?Worked with youth in church,my own children and friends,Coaching Worked as a church youth leader,and now teaching at OHCHS.What does your church do to work with teenagers?My church now has no teen group. Fathers and Sons meet do things together. Two women in church working with teenagers and are on the verge of starting a youth group. Bible study and discussion. Idea: parents will have to be involvedHave to be part of team leading the group. Not just dropping kids off.
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