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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The two arrows that are circled is a divergent plate. A divergentplate is two tectonic plates, moving away from each other. This is a convergent boundary/plate. A.K.A the destructive plate becauseof subduction. Fun fact:Subduction means tosubtract or withdraw. Mega Quake: Plate Tectonics Infographic Divergent Boundary Convergent Boundary Transform Boundary A transform boundary is when twotectonic plates slide past each other, which usuallyends up in a powerful earthquake.One example of a transform boundaryis right here, in California. This is the San Andreas fault. (bottom right) By Joseph David and Daniel Hodges Fun Fact:If you take two rocksand rub them together,they will create vibration.This is mimicking anearthquake at a transformplate. Fun Picture double click to changethis text! Drag a cornerto scale proportionally. Questions and Answers: Divergent Boundary Question: What happens when the boundary diverges?Answer: When a plate diverges, it crashes straight into another plate,causing them to move away from each other on the surface. One way you can answer this question at home is to take two wooden blocks ina bin with water, and smash them together. On the surface of the water,it would create two waves repelling from each other. Question: How fast is a divergent plate moving?Answer: Well, all plates are moving at the same speed, which is about as fast as your fingernails: about a couple centimeters per year. Scientists have measuredalmost exactly how long, and it is 2 to 5 centimeters a year. (1 to 2 inches) Questions and Answers: Convergent Boundary Question: What do converging plates cause? Answer: They cause subduction. Subduction means to subtract or withdraw.Therefore, one plate is "subtracting" land. The land that is being "subtracted"is actually just going under the plate that is overlapping it. Questions and Answers: Transform Boundary Question: What happens when two plates transform?Answer: When two plates transform, they slide past each other. LikeI said in my example, the San Andreas fault in California is a perfectexample of a transform boundary. This boundary is the cause of most earthquakes in California.
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