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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 helping stimulate growth 20B *resources - Technology Vs. No Technology No Technology...* Technology...*Video game players can develop better visual acuity.*It lets people escape their cubicles and work anywhere.*Games can improve reaction and the ability to pick out details amid clutter.*If people were married or single, those who used social media had more close confidants.*The brains of internet users become more efficient at finding information.*The internet's information lets us think better and faster. No Technology..*Americans have fewer intimate relationshipstoday than 20 years ago.*Scientists say juggling email, phone calls and other incominginformation can change how people think and behave.*Distractions can have deadly conquences, as when cellphone-wielding drivers and train enigeers cause wrecks.*Heavy multitaskers actually have more trouble focusing and shutting out irrelevant information, they experience more stress and after the multitasking ends it fractures thinking and lack of focus.*The effects are harder to shake.*Multitaskers seem more sensitive than non-multitaskers to incoming information.*It creates attention problems for children with brains that arestill developing.*The problem with the internet in general is people always get distracted. Technology is bad because it creates problems for children who are still developing.It always distracts people. It makes you have more stress. It fractures thinking and lack of focus.It makes Americans have fewer intimate relationships. Distractions can cause deadly consequences, like wrecks.The effects are harder to shake. It changes the way people think and behave.
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