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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 -Does police technology help cause police officers to go against our civil rights? Technology and law enforcement Police forces around the United States are now distributed cameras that they would wear on their vests. -Police officers will not use too much force -It is going against people's rights to be recorded - Help contact police easier This is an old lie detector. It tests your stress levels. A lot of people could cheat on a lie detector. Some innocent people get so stressed out that they don't pass. -police now have to keep people safe on the internet -It's going to cost the cops a lot of money Technology is used in law enforcement when police officers gather DNA from a crime. Police officers would then run this evidence through a database that has every single prisoner's DNA that has committed a physical crime A study has lead to that 4.1 percent of people accused of felony are falsely convicted! 4 people out of a hundred innocently sit in a jail or get executed. Another study shows that 10,000 people get wrongly convicted in Ohio each year! -Does technology ruin innocent peoples lives? - 14/04/28/how-many-people-are-wrongly-co nvicted-researchers-do-the-math/- detector-tests-tell-truth-29637.html- s-Polygraphs-should-not-be-used-in-court/1/- .htm Information from... - Conclusion: Police officers protect our lives everyday. Sometimes they go a little overboard trying to protect us and stay safe themselves in the process. These body worn cameras are used to protect us and police officers. This goes against our civil rights, but it will help keep us safe.Sometimes this technology can hurt innocent peoples lives Guns... Used to keep police officers safe. People call guns self defense. We wouldn't need self defense if we never had guns -Keep people and police officers safe -Guns have the power to kill people in a heart beat -
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