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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Technology is good, when its limited The ability to find a lot ofinformation quickly does not make us smart .Brain scientist have provendeep thinking only happenswhen our minds our calm. double click to changeA classic greek philosopher said w 1.A classic Greek philosopher said writing is bad . 2.The internet contains the worlds best images . 3.When we are distracted neglect to learn , understand and remember 3.Google lets us find informationquick. 4.A lot of people use their phones all the time ( which means they are always distracted 4.The internet lets us see more and lets us think fresher. 5.Google wants us to think superficiality 5.People who the internet are see more diversity .. 6.' You can Google all the facts youwant to but you will never Google yourway to brillance ' 6.In 2008 , People consumed 3 times as much information a day than in 1960. 7.Technology is a big distraction one man risked 1.3 million dollars because of it and still had issues with it being a distraction.. 7.The average user goes on 40 websites each day , that is a lot of facts . 8.Handing a bunch of facts and stress can the change the way you act. 8.According to Stanford internetusers can find information quicker 9. Overusing it can hurt family . 9.Research shows computers users have more nuerologicalbenefits. 10.Most people spend 12 hourson technology . That with sleeping ,eating , school or a job , exersice , and a social life would be nearly impossible 11.Email users have more stress 12. Young users can have a hard time focusing on homework. 10.Social media is not isolating .11.Social media know more people from different culture12.Social media users spend alot of time in public 13.Social media users have more friendships
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