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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 With Millenials outnumbering baby boomers, now more than ever, employers need to attract, engage, and communicate with this talent pool...or they'll simply go to your competitors. NAMETITLE, Purzue Purzue: the premier online platform to connect to early stage talent Purzue4Hire is an innovative talent acquisition platform that enables employers to attract and hire early stage job seekers. It empowers employers to tap into the Millenialtalent pool, post jobs, and manage the hiring processwith ease. An innovative set of tools enable employersto reach their potential by hiring today's candidateswho are trying to reach theirs. How it works Benefits Brand Create a company site that appeals to early stage job seekers. Post List your job openings. They get posted to a number of channels and social media sites. Match Engage Communication and engagement tools easily enable you quickly select the talent that fits. Watch the candidates queue up -- or search into Purzue's member network. Increase Your Reach Improve Your Fit Our "Smart Résumé" has a unique set of tools that pre-verify a candidate's skills, experience, and industry knowledge. These features work to evidence problem solving, teamwork, and collaboration skills -- helping you determine the proper fit of a candidate. Manage Your Hiring Organize, manage, prioritize and engage your candidates, simply and efficiently -- saving you time and money. Job postings on Purzue4Hire help you engageearly stage job seekers. Access Purzue -- our free network of candidates -- and our partner job board to find your ideal employee..
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