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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 "THE CALL OF THE WILD" MACY PULHINSHAEFER -3 TIMELINE Novel by Jack London A Change In Enviorment After living on gorgeous land wherebuck ruled in his own comfort, he finds himself being sold to pay ofgambling debts. New Expieriences He finds He finds himself in a withother dogs. He meets "The Man in the Red Sweater" & gets beatenfor the first time in his life. He issold to Perrault & Francois afterwards. The "Call" Goodbye & Pride After he's sold to Perraultand Francois, Buck is surroundedby an unfamiliar pack of messengerdogs. During this time, Buck adapts to the hardships such as the other dogs,starvation, and weather. During his time in the pack, Buck makesenemies with another dog called Spitz (whois the leader). They have an initial fight in thebeginning & the official fight later on. Buck turns out victorius. Buck takes Spitz place as leader of the sled. But during one night, Buck feels "The Call" and has a feeling as thoughhe is meant to be/feel wild, but it wasn'tthe actual call. They are bought by other messengerswho have no experience in what they're doing. Hal, Charles, & Mercedes extra dogs to help pull the sled hoping that they help.One by one, the dogs start dying. The new owners fed them less and gave them twice as much to pull on an everyday basis. In Buck's eyes John Thorton was his Savior.Thorton saved Buck from Hal, Charles, & Mercedes when they were beating him to Death. They create a bond and Buck finds himself loving John & vise versa. Buck proveshis love to John by earning him money & pulling I000 lbs. of weight. double click to change this header text! Finally, Buck hears the "Call of the Wild" in the forest. This "call"tells him to come into the wild but Buckstill stays with Thorton. AfterwardsBuck goes with John to search for a lostmine, but ends up hunting for food such as moose, mice, etc. After going on his (Buck's) many adventureshe comes home to find that John and his crew are dead; killed by the YeehatIndians. As a result he kills several of them and leaves into the forest. he becomes the leader of the pack he was lead to. Buck becomes a legendary figure known as the Ghost Dog. He fathers several pups and this action strikes fear in the YeehatIndians. Because he loved John Thorton so much, he returns to the place where he died every year to mourn before going back to his lifein the wild.
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