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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Pag 126 The way medicine is above ethics in the book, isn't a moral act Moral and medicine shown in the book the adoration of jenna fox "But just because we can doesn`t mean we should" Pag 132 Pag 95 Pag.129 "I´M ILEGAL, I DON`T EVEN KNOW IF IM A HUMAN" "It's not exactly correct that you don't have your brain" "Why spare any feelings when feelings belong to a freak?" By Juanita Calderon and Adriana Torres The Adoration of Jenna Fox" is a story of how far parents will go to save their only child, Jenna Fox is adored by her family, but their adoration goes too far when they scientifically modify her after an accident to save her life, to the point she is barely human. Ally Pearson, M. (2008). The adoration of Jenna Fox (Fish edition ed., Vol. 1, p. 266). New york: Square fish. Imagen tomada de: recuperado el (17/01/15)Imagen tomada de: el (17/01/15)Imagen tomada de:content/uploads/2014/01/shutterstock_166506209-427x296.jpg recuperado el (17/01/15)Imagen tomada de:,204,203,200_.jpg Imagen tomada de: (22/01/15)Imagen tomada de: (27/01/14) BIBLIOGRAPHY place: teenager who suffered an accident that changed her entire life Jennas grandmother, is indiferent to her after the accident Jenna´s father, doctor. Agrees with BioGel Jennas mother, they aren´t that close Jennás sweetheart Ally: Jena´s friend. Doesn´t agree with BioGel time line Jenna Mr. Fox Lily Ethan Claire imagen tomada de: (27/01/14) Supporting video: Future citation of the video: Youtube.(2012, Septemer) The Adoration Of Jenna Fox Book Trailer Retrieved January 29, 2015, from
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