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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 VS. - First 'tank' with caterpillar tracks - Rhomboid in shape - Guns mounted on the sides of the hull - First vehicle with caterpillar tracks - Heavy duty vehicle used for hefty jobs - Led to the creation of the tanks AS TECHNOLOGY ADVANCES... Used to overcome the bunches of barbed wires and woodenfences. Used to cross the five foot wide trenches. The Holt Tractor "Little Willie" Used the attached guns as weapons and armor. References Good Uses THEN & NOW - Top speed of 4 mph - Carries 2 men - Ability to climb 5 feet - Ability to cross an 8 foot gap - Has a working radius of 20 miles - Top speed of 44 mph - Carries 4 men - 30 feet in length - Elevation rate up to 22 degrees - Range of 370 miles (Trueman, 2006) (Writer, 2014) (Trueman, 2006) Used to transport soldiers and the wounded from place to place. (Duffy, 2009) Duffy, M. (2009, August 22). Weapons of War - Tanks. Retrieved from, C. (2006, April). Tanks and World War One. Retrieved from History Learning Site:, S. (2014, May 17). WW1 Tanks. Retrieved from Military Factory: Facts. (n.d.). Retrieved from WW1 Tanks - All the Facts: 2014. CV90120-T Light Tank. (n.d.) Retrieved from The Holt 120 Tractor [Online Image]. (n.d.) Retrieved November 20, 2014 from British Mark V* Tank [Online Image]. (n.d.) Retrieved November 20, 2014 from First Tank [Online Image]. (n.d.) Retrieved November 20, 2014 from [Online Image]. (n.d.)Retrieved November 20, 2014 from (ARG, 2014) History in the Making
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