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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Tamiflu (Oseltamivir) Pharmacokinetics: Tamiflu is an antiviral medication that blocks actions of influenza virus types A and B How does Tamiflu work? How to use Tamiflu: Who can use Tamiflu and what are the risks? Tamiflu should be taken as an oral capsule with a glass of water.use as recommended at every 12 hours for5 days to treat flu symptoms or taken 24 hours for 10 daysto prevent the flu. Oseltamivir is first absorbedthrough the gastrointestinaltract and then it is convertedinto a metabolite OC (oseltamivir carboxylate) The oral dose then reaches circulation systemically.Our bodies convert Oseltamivirrapidly by our liverthrough the usage of esterases. Oseltamivir has a half-lifeof 1-3 hours and is excretedthrough the renal canal while OChas a half life of 6-10 hours andis passes through urine. Dosage amounts Costs of Tamiflu: Contraindications 30mg capsule 10 count - $121.8145mg capsule 10 count - $121.8175mg capsule 10 count - $117.63 What is Tamiflu and what is it used for? Bao NguyPharm - 1st periodGonzales Tamiflu blocks actions of neuraminidase which is an enzyme produced by viruses that aids the act of infectinghealthy cells into viruses. reccomended for patients 2 weeks of age or olderand who have had symptomsfor no more than 2 days. Clinical trials have shown resultsin children of 1.5 days faster andin adults 1.3 days faster from relieving flu symptoms. Precautions/warnings when using Tamifluinclude:Skin/hypersensitivityNeuropsychiatric eventsBacterial infectionsN&V, diarrheabronchitis, abdominal paindizziness, headache, coughinginsomnia, vertigo, fatigue No medications are known tointeract with Tamiflu.You should not use Tamiflu-hypersensitive or allergic to theingredients of Tamiflu like Oseltamivirphosphate-Patients with kidney disease- nursing or pregnant womenshould not use Tamiflu because ofunknown risks 2 weeks to lass than 1 year should take 3mg/kg twice dailypatients 1-12 years (weight based)15kg - 30mg twice a day15.1-23kg - 45mg twice a day23.1-50kg - 60mg twice a day40.1+ - 75mg twice a daypatients 13+ should take one75mg capsule a day
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