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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 MY DEVELOPMENT IN REGARDS TO TPACK Pedagogical Knowledge Where am I now? This is my first year in the education programat the University of Alberta. I have not takenmany educational courses thus far, but the coursesthat I have taken have allowed me to understand theimportance of pedagogy. The courses have made me aware about what a pedagogy is, because before EDU100I had no idea what it meant. As a preservice teacher,I still have along way to go regarding my pedagogical knowledge. This year has been a stepping stone for meand has allowed me to grow as a preservice teacher.I still have many courses to takeand I still have much to learnbut I am super excited forthat journey to continue. In my EDU211 course I am learning the importanceof how to teach Aboriginal children within my classroom. With that insight I can grow as a future teacher. Technological Knowledge I feel like I have more knowledge when it comes to technology. From a young age, I have been taught how touse technology. This is the first year where I am learning how to incorporate it within the classroom. It's a new approach to how diversetechnology is and how it can be used for any purpose. This course has taught me lot about the differentprograms available for teachers to use. It has introducedme to PLNS and has taught me how to build my online professional profile. I still have a lot moreto learn, for example how to connect the pedagogical knowledge with the technological knowledge. I am studying to become an Elementaryteacher. When I began my program I got put underthe generalist degree, therefore I do not have a major or a minor. As a future elementary teacher I must be prepared to teach everything,from science to math to language arts. During my university career, I have taken many courses to increase my knowledge in all of these subjects. As a preserviceteacher I still have a lot of courses to take. I feel like ifI had the option my major would be English and myminor science because I am fascinated by both topics. Ienjoy finding the deeper meaning behind an authorswords but I also like to know how things workand why they work like that. In my future I amdefinetly going to take more english and biologycourses to grow in content knowledge so I can provide mystudents with the best possible education. I connected all three categories togetherbecause I feel like I have started connectingall the aspects together. As my educationcontinues, I am growing and learningabout each category and how to connect them all together. I still havea long way to go and I need toexperience a real teaching position toconnect them all together in the classroom.All this information is good backgroundknowledge, but I need to know howto apply it to a classroom situation. Content Knowledge
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