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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 t550 critiqued its compatriots 58% The Day 61% 63% Usefulness double click to change this header text! What would you changeif you had more time? Met Expectations Clarity of Purpose Do you think time constraints affect critique Which reading influenced your designthe most? What was your process in creating the facilitation? What section of the process did you think was most important? What prompted the decision to provide us with words? What lead you to landingon the poster making as thefocus of the critque? What inspired you to present the steps one at a timeinstead of together? How did you select the words in the collage? How could different materials have changed the focus of the session? Were the small groups metaphors for communites with different resources? Did this activity go where you thought it would? What challenges did you experiencedesigning this session? Takeaways After Expectations Before What we found Challenging What we found meaningful Making something meaningful with limited timeand recources. Trying to hypothesise what itwould feel like for someone to critique somethingof more importance to me.Also,not speaking or answering questions during the critique. Critique is nothing without the chance to use feedback.The observation that both artist and critic may get morefrom critique when questions are left open.The idea of not talking when someone was critiquing our groupwork, reminding us to listen to feedback given. What were you hoping to get across through the activity? What was your thinking behind the time constraint? How do you feel it went? Our Statements of Meaning What learning goals didyou have in mind? How are you able to honor an artists' vision and your feeling that they should do something else? N=54(pre-class survey) N=48 ( in-class survey) Our Neutral Questions
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