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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Syria Timeline 1925 -27 by:jaemeshe 2002 2000 1916 1966 1945-46 after the ottomanempire got defeateddiplomats from france and great Britaindrew up and agreementto divide the middle east into "zones of influence" nationaligist afitation against French rule developedinto a national rebellion that resulted in heavy fighting this involves Syria today because rebellion has been going onfor a long time following world war 2 british and free French forces occupiedSyria in 1941.protesters protestedagainst slow progress Syria was delared independent on april,17.1946this involves Syria today because that means Syria is a independent country after only three years after aminal-hafez,salah jaded led an international coup against the ba'athparty.this involves Syria because bashar al-assad is a part of the ba'ath party 1965-1970 hafez al-assad a high rankingofficial of the ba'ath party was elected presidentin 1970 and became the official ba'athparty coup after hafez al-assad died in 2000at the age of 69 bashar al-assad was elected.this involves Syria today becausehe is the president of Syria now. syria was added to the axis of evil by the united states in 2002 they wereclaimed to be seeking chemical weaponsthis involves syria today becausethey are already have a chemical weaponproblem 2005 tensions with the u.s. seemed to escalate in 2005 after killing former Lebaneseprime minister.this involves syria today becausethe u.s seems to always have an inteferancewith syria .2012 despite the UN securitycouncils strong condemnationof the Syrian governmentsuse of heavy weaponary and milita killing of civiliansthis involves syria today because they stillare killing civilians 2013 government and rebel forcescontinued to battle fight forstrategic control of citiesthis involves syria because it ishappeneing today
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