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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 BEING ABNORMAL EYE OF THE BEHOLDER HARRISON BERGERON BEING PHYSICALLY DIFFERENT CONCLUSION GROUP HARRISON BERGERON EYE OF THE BEHOLDER WARRANT WARRANT Kurt Vonnegut writes a story of a society that is equal in all waysBeautiful people are forced to wear masks, so they don't appearprettier than others and will visually be equal to everybody. However, beauty is perceived from different angles and is defined differently bydifferent people. George says "She must have beenextraordinarily beautiful because themask she wore was hideous." The government/society wanted to ensure everyone looked the samebecause they thought that physical appearance was so important. Looking different was a crime. The society is very judgmental, especially with physicalappearances. We are brainwashed into thinking that beingdifferent is a bad thing. In Harrison Bergeron, if one wasphysically too ugly or too pretty, they would be covered with a mask. In the eye of the beholder, if one appeared different they would attempt to get surgery, and if the surgery was not successful, they were constantly judged.In both stories, the governnemnt was so strict on everyonebeing the same. They made it seem like being different wasa crime. Physical appearance has become such a large issuein the past and today's society. The world will never lookexactly alike, and that is what makes each individual The leader says: It is essential,in this society, that we not onlyhave a norm but that we conformto that norm! Differences weakenus! Variations destroy us!”The society believes that differences make peopleabnormal and that is not acceptable. The Twilight episode told the story of a character in the hospital with head gauges covering her face. The womangets 11 plastic surgeries to look better and be as equallyappealing as others. However, when the head bandageswere taken off, the doctors noticed the surgery did not work and she remained looking different. The society is very judgmental, especially withphysical appearances. We are brainwashed into thinking that looking different is a bad thing. In Harrison Bergeron, if one was physically too uglyor too pretty, they would be forced to cover theirface with a mask. In the eye of the beholder, if onewas to appear different, they would attempt to geta surgery, and if the surgery was not successful, they were constantly judged. In both stories, thegovernment was so strict on everyone being the same.They made it seem like appearing different was a crime.Physical appearance has become such a laege issuein the past and today's society. People will neverlook exactly alike, and that is what makes each individualspecial and unique. Also, equality should not be basedoff of beauty. Nurse: Ever see her face-307?Indeed I have. If it were mine, I'd bury myself in a grave someplace.The nurse's conversation explainsappearing different is a burden andshame in society. Diana Moon Glampers: "Sheaimed it at the musicians and told them they had ten secondsto get their handicaps back on."The government is so controllingand does not allow people to bebelow or above normal. Kurt writes about a time somewhere in the future wherebeing above or below normal is not allowed. For all of thestrong individuals, they carry weights to make them equalto the weaker population. For the smarter than normalmen and women, ear pieces that blast random noisesare worn to block out intellectual thoughts. Thesehandicaps are forced to be worn at all times and are enforced by laws, to equalize human beings. If these lawswere broken, you would be severely punished. Being differentwas a crime. THE SOCIETY DOES NOT ACCEPT PEOPLE'S DIFFERENCES. In the Twilight episode, when Miss Taylor's facewas revealed, everyone was chaotic. The "normal"pig faced people were disgusted by the different human look. Since Miss Taylor was abnormal, she was forced by the government to be segregatedfrom the normal people and to stay with all of the otherdifferent human looking ones. The government stronglybelieves that the people who are different have to stay away from the people who are normal. People all around the world are constantly trying to fit in,fearing to be abnormal and different. The society makespeople constantly feel the need to change or hide theirtrue selves. We fear the thought of being judged or separatedbecause of our differences. In Harrison Bergeron, if you wereabnormal, the government would require a handicap. In theeye of the beholder, if you looked abnormal. you would beforced to leave and enter a whole new separated society.In both stories, not being the ideal normal would lead to severe consequences. Normality does not mean equality. In both the eye of the beholder and Harrison Bergeron,society continuously attempted to change people, notaccepting their unique characteristics. Both stories successfully pointed out how impossible it is to make everyone the same by trying to transform them into people they're not. Equality does not require everyone to be normalor the same; equality means fairness for all genders, religions,and races. Emily Park, Amanda Bifulco, Sajel Jani, Jackson Downs Period 3 Honors English
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